Local Music in Czech and Slovak

If you ever find yourself on two weeks’ worth of leave, and your friends tell you to go to either the Czech Republic or to Slovakia, do not hesitate. It’s undeniable that these two countries are rich in sights and in culture, which means you’re definitely in for a treat, if you ever decide to go to either one or even both. Of course, once you’ve come to a decision to go to these countries, the first thing to prioritize is to make sure that you get your travel and accommodations as cheaply as possible. One tip here is to shop online for tickets and hotel bookings. Never settle for expensive rates. Get hold of voucher codes and promo codes like the expedia discount code for hotel and flight and kortingscode zalando just to save as much as you can. With what you manage to save, you can spend more on your vacation.

Well, whether you decide to go to the Czech Republic or to Slovakia, here are some of the things you can look forward to in their local music scene.

The Czech Republic

One of the popular cities in the Czech Republic is Bohemia, and in Bohemia, too, you can find a lot of good local music.

The most famous Bohemian folk music style is the polka, which it shares with Poland. (In fact, there is even debate over whether the word is originally Czech or Polish.) Of course, the polka has since spread all over the world, and now is heard in classical and folk music as far away as Latin America. Along with the polka, the Viennese waltz is also an important instrumental and dance form in Bohemia.


The country of Slovakia truly is the place where east meets west. One can truly see the influences of eastern European folk music in Slovakia from Ukraine, Hungary, and Romania to the south and east. For example, additive meters, such as 5/8 and 7/8, and chromatic scales are heard in Slovakian music and add to the beauty of the musical mixture. Also, the Gypsies, although persecuted, have managed to leave their musical mark in Slovakia, and they continue to perform there.