Popular bands in the Czech Republic

There are a lot of talented local bands in the Czech Republic, all of whom would be more than enough to give you your fill of music and fun. So if one of these days you find yourself with nothing to do on a weekend, resist the temptation to just shop online in online shops like Lazada and Zalora. Instead, round up all of your friends and get going to the nearest bar. Be ready to jam with these hottest bands in the Czech Republic.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business was formed in 1999 and since then has done nothing but expand its growing base of adoring fans. It’s an upbeat seven-piece band that has managed to release six studio albums, all containing funky tracks. Monkey Business is also famous for its wild stage shows, which takes a lot of circus-like elements like fire breathing, unicycle riding, and knife juggling, all done while the band performs their tracks. The head of the band is Roman Holy, and they also have an additional lead vocalist, American singer Tonya Graves. 99% of their clean, funky music is sung in English.

Charlie Straight

It was in the year 2009 when four men, all Třinec natives (Albert Black, Michal Šupák, Johnny Cienciala, Paul Pilch), decided to band together and make good music. Usually, their songs (sung in English) are kind of sentimental, generally dealing with someone who is looking for love, or pining for a love that has been lost. All of the members of the band are great composers and musicians, effortlessly writing their own songs, thereby creating brit-pop, sing-a-long tracks that have caught the attention of both the Czech media as well as their growing fan base.

Tata bojs

Tata Bojs, a band formed in 1988, actually hold the honor of being one of the forefathers of Czech pop. Currently signed to Supraphon Music record label (which is also one of the more respected labels in Czech Republic), the band has continued its fun-loving vibe. The band has evolved over the years, shaping their sound into a kind of semi-electronic, synth filled pop.